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Cologne Chocolate Museum

Cologne Chocolate Museum

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Cologne has a “delicious” museum - chocolate. The expositions tell about how Europeans discovered cocoa beans in the New World, and what came of it: how chocolate is produced at confectioneries, what varieties exist and even ... what dishes can be made from chocolate.

The museum was opened in 1993. Founder - Hans Imhoff - President of the Imhoff-Stollwerk confectionery company. This company has been manufacturing chocolate for a very long time - since the 19th century.

The most important "attraction" of the museum is chocolate mini factory. From visitors it is fenced with glasses, behind which chocolate is made. The process is fully automated and controlled by computers.

Another surprise that awaits visitors to the Chocolate Museum is huge chocolate fountain. 200 kg of liquid chocolate circulates in this fountain. Its height is more than three meters. If you have a desire, you can even try the "chocolate from the fountain."

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