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Madonna in the rocks, Leonardo da Vinci

Madonna in the rocks, Leonardo da Vinci

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Madonna in the rocks - Leonardo da Vinci. 189.5x120

Apparently, the works of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) are doomed to endless discussions about their content, creation history, subsequent fate, writing technique, genesis and influence. Picture "Madonna in the rocks" - not an exception: is it connected with an earlier Louvre work (1483-1484 / 85), why did the master decide to re-write this story, create its second version (serious researchers do not call this painting a copy)?

In the original, the artist developed a plot commissioned by the Franciscan monastic Brotherhood of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary for the chapel of the church of San Francesco Grande in Milan (documentation on the conditions and all stages of work has been preserved). The painter depicted the Madonna, the Child of Christ, raising his hand in a blessing gesture, the little St. John and the archangel, most likely Uriel, associated with him. The National Gallery has two panels for this plot depicting musician angels, but originally they belonged to the Louvre painting.

The iconography of the canvas is rich and complex. Perhaps the Madonna is shown in the rocks in connection with Franciscan theology, since St. Francis received his stigmata by praying to Christ near the mountain with cracks and crevices. And this is only one hidden meaning of an individual element, of which there are many in the work.

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