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Bathing in Agnere, Georges Seurat, 1884

Bathing in Agnere, Georges Seurat, 1884

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Bathing in Agnere - Georges Seurat. 201x301

Georges Seurat (1859-1891) - French post-impressionist artist, founder of neo-impressionism, creator of the painting method, called "Divisionism" or "pointillism".

Sera was largely alien to the course of impressionism. None of the impressionists would have thought of “finalizing” a painting written in the open air in the workshop. All their achievements consist in the ability to catch and convey the very state of nature - its air, lighting, elusive changes from the effects of the atmosphere. Sera does not work like that. Despite the fact that he wrote many sketches in the open air (this was the case when creating this canvas), the master “drove” them through critical selection in the studio. To a greater extent than any other artist of his time, Seurat feeling is subordinate to reason. In essence, it could not have been otherwise with the technical method of pointillism he had chosen.

The magical impression of paintings contemplated at a certain distance, only from which individual strokes of pure paints are combined in the finest gamut of shades (the essence of pointillism in this illusion), could not be created on a hunch. The painter had his own concept of combining individual pure tones. Looking at the work closely, you can understand how a magical image is made up of individual strokes.

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