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"City Market of Dresden", Bernardo Bellotto - description of the painting

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Dresden City Market - Bernardo Bellotto. 136 x 236

Bernardo Bellotto's paintings seem less spiritual in contrast to the creations of his ingenious uncle, Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto): they are too photographically accurate in reproducing nature, impeccably correct, their picturesque range is somewhat smoothed out. Perhaps the reason is that Bellotto relied less on his artistic flair and used technical means in his work, in particular a pinhole camera. The main value is the painter - in their historical authenticity.

The canvas shows the area of ​​the New Market in Dresden with the building of the Horse Courtyard or the Old Stable (left). In the background is the grand building of the Frauenkirche (the magnificent Evangelical Lutheran church, which was completely destroyed during the bombing of Dresden on February 13-15, 1945, restored only in 2005) and the Watch with a military garrison built for the parade. Elector Augustus II the Strong in 1722 decided to rebuild the Horse House building for an art gallery. Bellotto wrote this work a quarter of a century later, at the next Elector, Augustus III. It was his departure, according to historians (according to the number of horses in the carriage, the luxury of a carriage and equestrian escort, since it is hardly possible to talk about portrait similarity), he depicted on the canvas. The details are amusing: not everyone in the square honors the ruler with attention, some are busy with their conversations. In a word, the picture represents a very reliable “snapshot” of the historical place and moment.

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