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Wine Museum, France, Paris

Wine Museum, France, Paris

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Among the most reputable wine producers - France occupies a leading position. Visit the Lavinia wine boutique and the Montmartre wine festival, dine at the Silver Tower restaurant, contemplating evening Paris. What could be more beautiful and more amazing? Probably only french wine museum!

This museum is relatively young, but this place has a rich wine history. Local monks used to make excellent wine here. The owner of one of the Parisian restaurants absolutely surprisingly discovered wine cellars at the end of the twentieth century.

It was he who initiated the opening of such a museum. The originality of the idea was that its visitors not only learn about the features and traditions of winemaking, but also themselves wine tasting and feel the scent of history. Thanks to its cellars, the museum has a mysterious and even slightly mystical atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent. Thanks to this situation, the museum seems unusual and it is absolutely not inherent in the constraint and alienation of typical museums. Being in it, you imagine yourself visiting a true wine connoisseur who turned his wine cellar into a real collection room.

Except amazingly expensive wine collections of the early 20th century, here you can also see the richest collection of the main attributes of winemaking and ancient tools of winegrowers. To tell their visitors the history of the art of making wine in more detail, waxworks are exhibited at the museum, which allows them to see firsthand the complexity and jewelry of this skill.

Fine French wine tasting is included in the price of the museum tour. As a souvenir for yourself, you can purchase wines and gift wine sets for every taste.

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