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Self portrait in a red cloak, Anton Rafael Mengs - description

Self portrait in a red cloak, Anton Rafael Mengs - description

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Self portrait in a red cloak - Anton Rafael Mengs. 55x42

Anton Rafael Mengs - painter of the era of classicism. Presented here is one of the earliest.

In this self-portrait, the artist captured himself at the age of 16. Researchers note in it the Italian influence, in particular, the Venetian school of painting. This is natural, considering that the period 1741-1744 is the first visit of the young master to Italy, with which he will subsequently be closely associated, and then buried in the Roman church of Santi Michele e Magno.

The work demonstrates a confident, if not self-confident, young man. In the Dresden Gallery, there is another, also pastel, self-portrait of Mengs, who is not yet 12 years old, but in it the strong-willed, purposeful character of the boy is already felt. These works are not accidentally stored in the museum: when the young artist returned to Dresden from his first trip to Italy, the Elector of Saxony August III, who did a lot to form the Dresden Gallery, awarded him the title of court painter.

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