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Museum of the Paris Mint, France

Museum of the Paris Mint, France

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Enchanting Paris! How many mysteries and sights in it. And one of them is located on the banks of the river (left) - Mint.

This is the whole story of the magnificent France. Not only is the building itself a monument of architecture, it’s also located there central museum of medals and various coins. In addition, a couple of existing workshops (as an illustration) for the production of gold and silver, and other precious metals - previously produced money here. All the cash in France was made only here until 1973, and then the mint was transferred to another place. It was founded in the eighteenth century (in the second half). In the building itself, there was a place for everything: for home, and for workshops, and for administration premises.

Immediately by order of King Charles X in the twenty-seventh year of the nineteenth century The Mint Museum in Paris was founded. At the moment, a huge number of priceless exhibits are exhibited here. Among them, the lion's share is occupied coins and medals. And also you can see the legendary invention - a device (press) with a capacity (every minute) of fifty coins. You can also visit the workplace of the engraver, and see with your own eyes: how, what, and under what conditions orders, medals, coins, tokens were created. Present in the Museum of the Mint in Paris is also an exposition on the history of the emergence of money and banknotes. Moreover, it is represented by the greatest number of exhibits. Among them there are a lot of quite valuable specimens.

If you want to buy a souvenir - please! There is a store at the Mintwhere you can choose unforgettable souvenirs that will constantly remind you of the fabulous treasures of the Paris Mint Museum.

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