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Matisse Museum, Nice, France

Matisse Museum, Nice, France

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On one of the hills Nice, in the ancient palazzo of the 17th century there is a museum of the great creator - artist and sculptor Henri Emile Benoit Matisse. In this adored city, Matisse spent, periodically arriving, for about forty years, and is buried here after his death in the small monastery cemetery Simeiz.

This museum can be called museum of his biography, because the exposition is represented not only by the master’s canvases, but also by his favorite things. Therefore, staying in beautiful rooms gives the feeling that I happened to come to visit the greatest artist. The master’s works are located in the exhibition in such a way that, comparing their style, you can study the whole development and change of his creative periods.

The exposition is represented by works performed in a wide variety of genres and techniques. Among them are paintings and sculptures, drawings and ceramics, window stained-glass windows and collages. The beginning of the viewing is a huge collage "Flowers and fruits"- one of the latest creations of the artist. The layout of the museum exhibits is interesting when in one hall you can see works represented by different types of creativity: canvases, sculptures, collages and drawings, united by one plot; and also the option when the finished canvas is placed next to the preparatory sketches.

One of the halls on the second floor is completely dedicated to Matisse’s design work. Chapel of the Rosary in Vence - the last masterpiece of the master. Here are collected reconstructed samples of stained-glass windows of the Chapel, the vestments made according to the sketches of the artist, drawings for ceramic tiles depicting the Virgin and Child Jesus, St. Dominic and the Way of the Cross.

The museum exposition includes, in addition to paintings, 236 drawings, as well as 70 sculptural works of Matisse. This is an illustration of the whole career, which begins with the first still life of a 21-year-old artist - “Still Life with a Book”, and ending with figures cut out of blue paper called “Blue Nudes” - his last works. Among these works of the master: “Bather in the reeds”, created in 1952.

Matisse he was a great and tireless experimenter, all his life searching for new forms of creative expression.

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