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Malmaison, France - description and address of the museum

Malmaison, France - description and address of the museum

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Museum Malmaison located just 20 kilometers from Paris. He belonged to the Empress Josephine and Napoleon. During the reconstruction, the atmosphere that was present at the beginning of the 19th century was restored. Almost all the exhibits that are presented in the museum are related to the personal life of Josephine and her emperor Napoleon. In other words, we can say that the museum presents those things that they used every day, and which are not against looking at, most tourists. After the reconstruction, more famous exhibits were added, such as: portraits of the seven emperors, the throne of Napoleon himself, the sword, and also the bed on which the great warrior Napoleon slept and died.

The museum sometimes hosts small exhibitions, the exhibits of which can tell about the life and rule of Napoleon. Museum staff provide the opportunity to fully familiarize themselves with many exhibits that are not represented in ordinary exhibits. That is why France attracts many tourists, just when the exhibition opens.

Of great interest among tourists was the temporary exhibition of the exhibition, which was called "Prince's Toys". At such an exhibition all the toys that were saved were presented, many years later which were played by children of the nobility and emperors. A very exciting exhibition and a lot of people liked it.

Today, museum visitors can see apartments in the castle that can tell you about the style that was present in the First Empire, as well as porcelain, glass, awards and personal belongings of the emperor’s wife Josephine. Some other things of Napoleon are stored in the Bois-Preo Museum, which is located near Malmaison. Today, another museum, unfortunately, is closed for reconstruction, so tourists who come to Paris should be content with what they have.

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