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Portrait of Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan, Hans Holbein the Younger, 1538

Portrait of Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan, Hans Holbein the Younger, 1538

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Portrait of Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan - Hans Holbein the Younger. 179.1x82.6

Hans Holbein the Younger - German painter and graphic artist of the Renaissance, one of the greatest portrait painters of Western European art. For a long time he was a court painter of the English king Henry VIII.

In an era when there was no other way to get an idea of ​​a person’s appearance (for example, photographs), court painters painted portraits for their patrons, pursuing, first of all, the goal of achieving maximum similarity with the model. So, Holbein created portraits of possible candidates (numerous, as you know) for the role of the wife of Henry VIII. Sometimes it happened, as in the well-known case of Anna Klevskaya, that the portrait gave an embellished image of the future bride. Seeing her in reality, the king was incredibly disappointed. The marriage quickly broke up, and Anna was exiled to the estate given to her. Portrait of Christina arose for a similar reason: the king intended to get married to her, and he naturally wanted to have at least some idea of ​​the girl. So Holbein was sent to Christine.

Christina, youngest daughter of King of Denmark Christian II and Isabella of Austria, born in 1522. In 1533 at the age of eleven she was engaged to Duke of Milanbut two years later he died. Christine lived in Brussels, where in 1538 she was visited by Holbein. Historical sources claim that she posed for the artist for only three hours. Despite the fact that three years have passed since the death of her husband, Christina was still mourning for him. Such a lady is depicted in the portrait, but it is unlikely that the king would have arranged the mournful appearance of the bride. Therefore, Holbein gave the charm and charm to Christina's still young face, speaking not only about her deep mourning ... She refused the king.

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