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“Immaculate Conception”, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - description of the painting

“Immaculate Conception”, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - description of the painting

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Immaculate Conception - Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. 281 x 155

In the numerous fresco cycles created by the largest artist of the Venetian school, one can see the novelty of the worldview and the scope of artistic endeavors born of the Age of Enlightenment. Tiepolo was a wonderful decorator, painted churches and salons of villas, halls of public buildings, created altar images. The master of frescoes and engravings turned to the tradition of Venetian culture of the 16th century.

In the painting “The Immaculate Conception”, the Virgin, under whose feet the globe is depicted, hovers in the sky. It is surrounded by angels, a white dove, which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, spread its wings above the head of the Virgin. The superiority of the Mother of God over earthly evil personifies the palm tree, which lies in the foreground. Mary trampled underfoot a snake with an apple in its mouth, symbolizing original sin. The postulate that the Mother of God is the mirror of all virtues confirms the mirror depicted on the canvas.

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