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"Rainbow", Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky - description of the painting

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Rainbow - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. 102x132

Creativity of the largest Russian marine painter I. On his canvases storms and winds often rage, storms rise, entailing ships to death.

The unstable, ever-changing, mobile sea element not only prompted the artist with spectacular plots, but gave him the opportunity to transfer complex reflexes of light with extraordinary skill, penetrating the water column and reflected on its surface.

Rainbow motif - one of the favorite in the art of romanticism. The rainbow rising above the stormy sea is a very bewitching sight, especially when a ship goes under the water under its arc, being unable to withstand the raging waves. A high rampart hid the horizon, and people fleeing the ship struggle with the elements.

Here, the rainbow is not just a rare natural phenomenon, in the image of which the artist can demonstrate his skill as a painter. She becomes a symbol of the future salvation of these unfortunates, their last hope, she is like a biblical symbol of the forgiveness of mankind.

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