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Portrait of V.E. Meyerhold, P.P. Konchalovsky, 1938

Portrait of V.E. Meyerhold, P.P. Konchalovsky, 1938

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Portrait V. 211x233

During the period of mass repressions, shortly before the arrest and death Meyerhold, P. For the director-reformer Vsevolod Emilievich Meyerhold, 1938 began dramatically: on January 7, the Committee on Arts adopted a resolution on the liquidation of the Meyerhold State Theater (GOSTIM).

To emphasize the conflict of personality with the surrounding reality, creating a portrait of the director, the artist used a complex compositional solution. At first glance, it seems that the dreamer is depicted on the canvas, whose dreams are embodied in colored patterns that cover the entire wall and sofa to the floor. But, looking more closely, one can guess the painful apathy of the model, estrangement from the outside world. It is through the juxtaposition of a bright carpet, densely covered with ornaments, and a monochrome figure of the director, which is deliberately trapped and entangled in bizarre bends of patterns, Konchalovsky reveals the image.

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