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Portrait of the sculptor V. I. Mukhina, Nesterov - description

Portrait of the sculptor V. I. Mukhina, Nesterov - description

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Portrait of the sculptor V. 75x80

The picture shows Vera Mukhina - Soviet sculptor, author of many famous works, including the famous group "Worker and Collective Farm Girl", presented at the world exhibition in Paris in 1937. Vera Ignatievna makes the latest additions to the prototype of the future sculpture. In one hand she holds a small piece of clay, and with the other increases the volume of one of the heroes. It directly captures the act of creativity, the moment when a true work of art is born from a shapeless piece of clay.

The compositional center of the work is a bright red brooch holding the collar of a white blouse. The concentration of Mukhina Nesterov contrasts with the rapid dynamism, the desperate impulse that she conveys in her creation. Thanks to this emotional contrast “Portrait of the sculptor V. Mukhina” receives special expressiveness, an active inner life, thereby revealing the complex nature of Vera Ignatievna herself.

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