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A sharpie with a tambourine ace, Georges de Latour

A sharpie with a tambourine ace, Georges de Latour

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A sharpie with a tambourine ace - Georges de Latour. 106x146

The brushes of the artist Georges de Latour (1593-1652), formed under the influence of Caravaggio, belong to a remarkable genre canvas "A sharpie with a tambourine ace".

An interesting company gathered at the playing table. The lady, most likely a courtesan, lured a young and inexperienced rich young man to play the game with another visitor. The damsel with the visitor is old friends and even partners: he - sharpie, his task is to beat, she is a woman, her goal is to lure. The young man agrees to play, and to ease the vigilance of the guest, the helpful servant pours him wine. The artist perfectly conveyed the intense atmosphere of the game. His heroes are silent, but their views say a lot.

After the death of the master, the canvas was attributed to another author until the 20th century. It fell into the collection of the Louvre in 1972.

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