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Berlin Street, Georg Gross, 1931

Berlin Street, Georg Gross, 1931

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Berlin Street - Georg Gross. 81,3x60

The German artist, who had lived in America for a long time, combined the features of expressionism, futurism, New Materiality and Dadaism in his painting. A street, a city and a man in a country in crisis are the main themes of his work in the years when it was written painting "Street of Berlin".

The faces and gestures of people filling the Berlin street are grotesque, not without reason Gross (1893-1959) worked as a cartoonist. In the foreground, a beggarly war disabled person asks for alms, a complacent layman hastily, on the go, fumbles in his inner pocket, and followed by, without stopping, his painted and well-dressed companion. Poverty and wealth have collided and will soon disperse. In the background, you can see the restaurant gutting out onto the street. The space of the picture is compacted with closely written figures and objects, and the color is monotonous, only occasionally flashes red, yellow and blue, making a restless note in the depicted. People seem to be herrings in a barrel, into which they climbed of their own free will, but are not able to get out. Gross's oversocial art conveyed the atmosphere of German society on the eve of the Nazis' rise to power.

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