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Still life with grapes, Adrian van Utrecht

Still life with grapes, Adrian van Utrecht

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Still life with grapes - Adrian van Utrecht. 119x99

Adrian van Utrecht (1599-1652) - Flemish artist of the Baroque era. In still lifes with fruits and vegetables, the influence of Sneijders is noticeable.

"Still life with grapes" represents the quintessence of “fruit still lifes”. Juicy and ripe fruits, just washed and neatly laid out on the table, are written out by the master so vividly and naturally that there is a desire to reach out and break off a sprig of green grapes, eat a soft peach. Utrecht glorifies nature and its fruits, he admires the luxury and grace of natural forms. Everything in the picture speaks of abundance and affluence. Dark green velvet fabric emphasizes the bright colors of the autumn still life. An interesting feature is the fruits are laid on a table parallel to the picture plane. The canvas was probably ordered by a prosperous burgher to decorate the interior of his house.

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