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Woman with Wildflowers - Odilon Redon

Woman with Wildflowers - Odilon Redon

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Woman with Wildflowers - Odilon Redon. 52x37.5

French painter and graphic artist Odilon Redon (1840-1916) is one of the most interesting, symbolist painters unlike any other. In his works, he repeatedly depicted flowers, but they are not just a still life. Redon has flowers endowed with a soul, they live and suffer. Each flower painted by the master is something living, with its own character, keeping its gentle secret. Often the image of bouquets coexists on his pastels and drawings with female images.

In the picture presented, the iridescent and smoky colors of the pastels create a feeling of irreality, a certain mystery. Simple field plants and a mysterious female face make up a bouquet, they are inseparable from each other. Perhaps this sad face is the soul of a flower, that fragrant creature, a delightful creation of light? Redon makes the viewer think, look for a clue to his art.

The mystical direction of symbolism implied many interpretations, and the world painted by the artist, to this day, continues to keep its secrets.

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