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Saint Nicholas (Nicholas the Good), Unknown artist

Saint Nicholas (Nicholas the Good), Unknown artist

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Saint Nicholas - Unknown artist. 107.7x79.5

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (Nikolai Ugodnik) since ancient times was one of the most revered saints in Russia, patronizing travelers, sailors and children.

An unknown Russian master painted St. Nicholas in episcopal vestments, with a white omophorion and black crosses on it. The saturated red color of the background indicates that the icon was created in the Novgorod, northern icon-painting school. With his left hand, the saint supports the Holy Scriptures, his right hand is frozen in a blessing gesture. The face of the saint is an example of spiritual strength and Christian chastity. Wide eyes are of particular importance, through them the icon painter shows the holiness of the depicted, his luminosity. A similar emphasis on the eyes creates the effect that it is not the viewer who is looking at the icon, but vice versa.

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