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Tea and Coffee Museum, London, England

Tea and Coffee Museum, London, England

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The love of tea and coffee is so deeply rooted in the soul of every Englishman that it has grown not only into tradition, but also embodied in a magnificent museum dedicated to these amazing drinks.

Every connoisseur of these fragrant liquids is obliged to visit this miracle - there really is something to see here. The founder of this magnificence, the heir to the Tea Kings dynasty - Edward Brahmam. He not only managed to establish a museum on the site where this product was once unloaded, but also to maintain a century-old tradition.

The museum is divided into four departments: two of them are devoted tea and coffee, third division - store with thematic goodsfourth - a cafewhere you can enjoy a drink with a snack.

Each exhibit of the museum is equipped with an information plate with a description of various facts, it is also possible to watch films about the cultivation and collection of these plants.

Exposure distribution done by country, and is accompanied by related items. It has everything: samovars, a “tea woman”, a painted set of Austrian porcelain, Wedjwood porcelain, cups with mustache holders, a meter-long samovar, processing machines and even centennial packaging. No one will be disappointed.

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