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Self-portrait and portrait of Pyotr Konchalovsky, I. I. Mashkov, 1910

Self-portrait and portrait of Pyotr Konchalovsky, I. I. Mashkov, 1910

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Self portrait and portrait of Pyotr Konchalovsky - Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov. 208x270

Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov (1881-1944) - one of the organizers of the art association "Jack of Diamonds". The works of the “bubovovalets” reflected the techniques of French painting - post-impressionism, cubism, as well as the aesthetics of the popular popular print. Mashkov captured himself with a like-minded friend, an artist Pyotr Petrovich Konchalovsky.

The pair portrait of friends, almost naked strong men with a violin and notes, was very impudent in the eyes of the public at the beginning of the twentieth century. Such shocking behavior and open self-irony did not carry any malicious intentions. The home furnishings with a cozy tea service, popular pubic still lifes hanging on the walls, the piano as if immerse the viewer in the inner, completely harmless world of artists. On the roots of books standing on a shelf, you can read: "Arts", "Bible", "Cezanne" - these are the foundations that make up the worldview of painters. In many respects, it was starting from the creative method of P. Cezanne, the idol of artists, that the formation of the "Diamonds of Vovalets" took place. Kettlebells lying on the floor speak of their attention to the beauty of their body, and musical instruments - to the beauty of the soul. Thus, Mashkov seemed to illustrate popular wisdom: “A healthy mind is in a healthy body”, calling for harmony of the external and internal human nature.

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