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Portrait of Chaliapin, 1922, Kustodiev - description of the painting

Portrait of Chaliapin, 1922, Kustodiev - description of the painting

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Portrait of Chaliapin - Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 315.5x237.5

Creativity of Boris Kustodiev, tinged with piercing notes of love for his country, it is surprising that it falls on the 1910-1920s - the most difficult years for Russia. The master’s immersion in the national past became a kind of departure from revolutionary reality and resulted in the creation of numerous canvases on the theme of fairs, fun festivities and noisy holidays. Sound, elegant, retreating - such is merchant Russia on the canvases of the artist.

Outstanding singer Fedor Ivanovich Chaliapin It is presented against the background of winter with Russian triples, indicating that the artist who conquered world scenes in his soul remained a Russian person. Born in Kazan, Chaliapin made a brilliant career, first in the Mamontov Private Opera, then in the Imperial Theaters of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Kustodiev, having performed the ceremonial portrait of the singer, captured him in the image of an imposing gentleman. According to contemporaries, Chaliapin loved to flaunt expensive outfits.

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