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Presentation of the Doge's Ring, Paris Bordone, 1545

Presentation of the Doge's Ring, Paris Bordone, 1545

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Presentation of the ring I will press - Paris Bordone. Z70hZ00

Paris Bordone (1500-1571), an artist who left the studio of Titian, who at different times was influenced by Giorgione and Lorenzo Lotto, worked for a long time in France at the court of King Francis I. But still, most of the work was created by him in Venice and other cities of northern Italy. His art is particularly colorful and unusual compositions.

“Presentation of the ring I will finish” - one of the few surviving historical monumental paintings of Bordone. It illustrates the last episode of the legend of the fisherman, who had a vision of the long battle of Saints Mark, George and Theodore (according to another version - Nicholas), the patrons of Venice, with sea monsters floating on the city from the island of Lido. After the victory, Saint Mark addressed the fisherman with a speech that he would continue to defend his city, and as a sign of proof he asked to transfer Doge Bartolomeo Gradenigo (Andrea Gritti in the picture). The viewer witnesses this moment. The composition unfolds against the backdrop of a magnificent scenographic and architectural perspective. The striving to look deep into the canvas is restrained by a diagonal composed of only a few figures, vectorly directed towards the doge sitting on the throne elevation of the "public loggia". It begins with a figure in a turban. Its bluish-tinted fabric rhymes in a strange way with the doge’s robe, as well as the light-colored ceremonial robe-ferige - with a cape and hat of the “first Venetian”. This amazing colorful roll-call, perhaps, was caused by concern for coloristic harmony, but probably carried a certain message in itself, which today is not possible to accept. The work was commissioned by the Brotherhood of St. Mark for the Albergo Hall.

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