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Blessed Giustiniani with two canons and saints, Perdenone, 1532

Blessed Giustiniani with two canons and saints, Perdenone, 1532

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Blessed Giustiniani with two canons and saints - Perdenone (Giovanni Antonio de Sacis). 420x222

Giovanni Antonio de Sacis (1483-1539) got his nickname from the name of his hometown in the province of Veneto. A journey through Italy in search of work, enriching the artist’s artistic manner with various influences, began with Ferrara. In Venice, Pordenone took the lessons of Giorgione and Titian, in Rome - Rafael, which formed his "great style", which marks this canvas, commissioned for the altar of the Rainier chapel of the church of Madonna del Orto.

Lorenzo Giustiniani was the first bishop to be ordained as a Venetian patriarch (at that time the patriarchy was transferred from the city of Grado). He was canonized only in 1690. In this work, the blessed one is depicted surrounded by saints Louis of Toulouse, Francis, Bernardine and John the Baptist, trampling the ancient capital as a fragment of the old world and holding out the sacrificial lamb, at the time of the blessing of the canons of the church.

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