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The betrothal of St. Catherine, Paolo Veronese

The betrothal of St. Catherine, Paolo Veronese

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Betrothal of St. Catherine - Paolo Veronese. 377x241

The main altar image of the church St. Catherine in its structure, it is one of the most successful variations of the Pesaro Titian altar from the church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari: the same diagonal, asymmetric composition thanks to the staircase leading to the throne of Our Lady on the left side of the picture. A pair of Corinthian columns, like pillars of faith, support the arches of the divine temple on the sides of the throne. The brightness and richness of Veronese's color reaches its peak here, rich red, blue, yellow and gold colors seem to glow from the inside.

The scene captured by the painter is complex and dynamic. St. Catherine kneels before the divine throne, on which the Madonna and Child Jesus are seated. One of the angels gives her right hand to the Infant so that he can put an engagement ring on her. Catherine keeps her left chest in a sign of her faith and obedience. The cloudy sky, torn by light, is brightly written, putti angels swiftly descend on it in honor of the celebration of engagement, putti with a golden crown for the saint. Angels at the edge of the clouds observe the action, while others around the throne and at its foot tune the instruments and leaf through the notes, choosing what to perform on such an occasion. A servant is ready to dress Catherine in a golden mantle.

Here Veronese, as in most of his compositions, skillfully combined a deeply religious plot, an intimate moment of faith and piety with Venice's pomp and pomp of action.

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