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Madonna in front of the chalice with the sacrament, Ingres, 1841

Madonna in front of the chalice with the sacrament, Ingres, 1841

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Madonna in front of the cup with the sacrament - Jean Auguste Dominic Ingres. 116x84

In the art of the XIX century, Ingres is perceived as the “heir” of the great Raphael, the successor of the traditions of the art of the High Renaissance. However, Ingres transformed the ideal art system of the previous era into his own manner, refining and fusing classic, romantic and realistic trends.

Image of Madonna goes back to the images of the High Renaissance. The work was written by Ingres in Rome by order of the Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich, the future Emperor Alexander II, who visited Italy. Despite the direct connection of the stylistic language of the picture with the Catholic altar image, the artist, by the will of the customer, introduces into the composition, in addition to St. Nicholas, the heavenly patron of his father, Emperor Nicholas I, the figure of Alexander Nevsky, the Russian saint and patron of the Grand Duke.

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