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Landscape with a Stream, Monks and Laundresses, Marco Ricci

Landscape with a Stream, Monks and Laundresses, Marco Ricci

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Landscape with a stream, monks and laundresses - Marco Ricci. 136x197

Marco Ricci (1676-1730), nephew of Sebastiano Ricci, is the founder of the 18th century Venetian landscape painting. It is believed that the marine species in the works of Allessandro Magnasco also belong to his brush.

In his pastoral landscapes, Marco Ricci, using the Venetian technique “pittura di macchia e tocco forte” (“painting a spot and a dynamic brushstroke”), conveys atmospheric nuances in various ways and always contrasts romantically excited nature (usually with large masses of trees) to small genre scenes surrounded magnificent landscape. In this regard, the question always arises whether his famous uncle wrote staff figures. It is interesting that the compositions are inspired by field impressions: the artist set off from Venice in search of suitable motives
in her surroundings. The presented canvas captures the places in the Pieve Valley, the birthplace of the painter.

Marco Ricci was a universal artist - painter, decorator, cartoonist, graphic artist. ZZ preserved engraving landscapes, in which, like in gouache and pastels, his interest in lighting problems is observed.

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