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Portrait of actress Jeanne Samari, Renoir, 1877

Portrait of actress Jeanne Samari, Renoir, 1877

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Portrait of the actress Jeanne Samari close-up - Pierre Auguste Renoir. 56x47

Female images occupy a central place in the work of Renoir (1841-1919). In the 1870s, the novice actress of the Comedy Francaise theater became his permanent model Jeanne Samari. In 1877, the painter created one of her most beautiful portraits. The appearance of the heroine exudes captivating femininity. A barely noticeable half-smile, deep, dark eyes with a moist gleam in contrast to the reddish shock of hair and delicate skin create a feeling of a “captured instant” - an exquisite, elusive beauty captured by the artist. In the portrait, Renoir masterfully combines the green color of Jeanne's dress and the pink background of the wall, reinforcing the feeling of the rare charm of her favorite model.

She is depicted to the waist. The actress sits, resting her elbow with her left hand on the table, clutching a slightly heavy chin with her palm. Red fluffy hair, expressive inquisitive look of her eyes - in all this there is so much charm and charm! The actress is wearing a green dress with a deep neckline, one short sleeve pulled out slightly, exposing Jeanne's beautiful rounded shoulder. Extremely attractive, with fluffy hair and shining eyes - the actress seemed to be born in order to become a model of Renoir.

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