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“The Resurrection of Lazarus”, Juan de Flandes - description of the painting

“The Resurrection of Lazarus”, Juan de Flandes - description of the painting

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The Resurrection of Lazarus - Juan de Flandes. 110x84

The board is part of the church’s altar St. Lazarus in Palencia and represents one of the wonderful acts of Christ - the resurrection from the dead. In front of the audience, Christ performed the greatest miracle, proving his dual nature as the Son of God and the Son of Man and asserting his authority over death.

The action takes place against the backdrop of a decrepit wall with an arched opening, a temple is visible behind it. Flandes actively incorporates allegories into the art of the Northern Renaissance. Witnesses of a miracle crowded under a dilapidated arch, which indicates the Old Testament. But a miracle happened, and, as John the Theologian tells us, many who saw this believed in Jesus. Thus, according to Jesus, a temple of a new faith was erected, which is already visible and will soon appear before people as soon as the wall of the Old Testament collapses and the New Testament shines on the world. The color of the whole composition has a special color plasticity, the artist masterfully conveys the landscape, details of events, the state of mind of the characters - from doubt to complete assurance. The cohesion of the paint layer is fully consistent with the spiritual unity of people that preaches the new teaching of Christ.

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