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Crucifixion, or Hypercubic Body, Salvador Dali, 1954

Crucifixion, or Hypercubic Body, Salvador Dali, 1954

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Crucifixion, or Hypercubic body - Salvador Dali. 194.5x124

Painting by a Spanish Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali (1904-1989) is full of dreams and "visions", but much of his art came from the mind, for example, the idea to depict a scan in the picture presented hypercube instead of the cross. Thus, the artist confronts the clear geometric shape and suffering of Christ, emphasized by his arched body with a protruding chest. This gives rise to a special tension with which the canvas is filled. So Dali seemed to make it clear that God is crucified by the soullessness and coldness of the world.

In this work, Dali continues the tradition of classical West European painting, when specific people, contemporaries of the artist, were depicted in gospel scenes. Here Gala, wife and Dali's muse, looks at the crucified Christ. But she does not just appear before the Crucifixion, but contemplates it. It is presented to her inner gaze, this is her vision.

In the canvas "Crucifixion, or Hypercubic Body", Written by Dali in his homeland after returning from America, was reflected in the Spanish religious temperament - passionate and sometimes ecstatic.

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