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Portrait of Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso

Portrait of Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso

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Portrait of Gertrude Stein - Pablo Picasso. 100x81.3

Portraying the Famous American Writer Gertrude SteinPicasso was on the way to the next new period in his work and the whole direction in painting. “I do not depict the world as I see it, but as I think it is,” said the artist.

Stein portrait he, searching in the image of his model for one that was then known to him, rewrote countless times and stopped this work, finally telling the writer: “I stop seeing you when I look at you.” As a result of this “invisibility”, that is, the appeal not so much to the real appearance of the person being portrayed as to his mental gaze, Picasso created an interesting image: in front of the eyes of the viewer, he himself begins to decompose into separate parts, which, in turn, form a complex three-dimensional composition. All this portended Cubism, a new direction in painting, in which the artist will begin to work some time later.

Picasso distracted from the appearance portrayed. The writer said, having seen the finished portrait, that she was not like herself. But the artist accurately conveyed her strong, integral character. The face of the depicted resembles the faces of ancient statues, with the same, as they have, almost empty eye sockets, because of which Stein seems to be looking inside himself, all-seeing.

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