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Healing the Blind, El Greco

Healing the Blind, El Greco

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Healing the Blind - El Greco. 65,5x84

Works on the plot healing blind El Greco (1541-1614) wrote at least three times. This picture is the earliest and includes a genre scene with a dog, which is not in other versions.

To understand the features of the style of the work presented, you need to know that it belongs to the period of the artist’s work, when he arrived in Venice, became a student of Titian and was influenced by Tintoretto and Michelangelo. In the creations of this period, El Greco is still a Venetian in style, here he is not yet “real”: some figures have a clear resemblance to the figures of Tintoretto. For example, the figure and gesture of an old man in a green cloak (in the group on the right) literally coincides with the figure of Joseph in Tintoretto's painting “Flight to Egypt”, written in 1583 and stored in Scuola San Rocco in Venice. But the work of Tintoretto was written much later by El Greco! In the XVII century, it was attributed to Veronese, later - Jacopo Bassano.

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