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Portrait of Maria Theresa de Bourbon-i-Vallabrig on a horse, Goya

Portrait of Maria Theresa de Bourbon-i-Vallabrig on a horse, Goya

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Portrait of Maria Theresa de Bourbon-i-Vallabrig on a horse - Goya. 82x61

One of the most mysterious Spanish artists, Francisco Goya worked a lot at the royal court, where he wrote this portrait of Maria Theresa de Bourbon-i-Vallabriga, the future Countess de Chinchon, depicting her on horseback and against the backdrop of a mountainous landscape. Dark clouds run across the sky, shadows from them run across the earth, and nature is seized by the alarming state that happens on the eve of a storm. But the young woman is trying to be collected and stay firmly in the saddle. She is depicted in profile, which gives the appearance a certain embossment.

However, the girl’s figure is painted with light strokes, lace on her chest foams and the velvet of the dress shimmers. Maria Teresa's face is touched by a blush, all of it looks tender and reverent, surrounded by harsh nature with a rocky landscape and rocky mountains. Goya, who had a sincere interest in people, was able to express even in this painting reminiscent of an etude picture that fragility and at the same time the strength of a person that cause a very warm feeling.

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