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Biography of Pablo Picasso and a description of his paintings

Biography of Pablo Picasso and a description of his paintings

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Artist Pablo Picasso Born in Spain in the family of art historian Jose Ruiz in 1881. At 13, Picasso entered the Barcelona Academy of Arts, then - at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid.

After studying, Pablo Picasso moved to Paris. It was in France that the Spanish artist wrote his best works. The creative biography of Pablo Picasso is divided into several stages.

Blue period. The paintings of this period are made mainly in cold blue-green tones. Heroes are old people, poor mothers and children. The artist himself at this time is poor and unhappy.

Pink period. Pictures become more cheerful, pink and orange tones prevail in them. At this period in the life of Pablo Picasso appears Fernanda Olivier - lover and muse.

African period. Departure from the image of a specific person, African motifs appear.

Cubism. The objects depicted in the paintings are, as it were, built from cubes. Art historians did not accept Cubism, but the paintings are sold remarkably.

Neoclassicism. Colors become brighter, images sharper. The first marriage to the ballerina Olga Khokhlova, the birth of a son.

Surrealism. A clear imprint on the work of family problems: a series of portraits of women. New love, the birth of a daughter. Passion for sculpture.

Pablo Picasso: artist, millionaire, long-liver.

After the war Pablo Picasso meets Francoise Gilot, they have two children. Francoise - a woman-flower in the creative and personal fate of the artist. In 1949, Pablo Picasso created the famous Dove of Peace.

At 80, Picasso marries Jacqueline Rock, who became his last muse and looked after him until his death. Pablo Picasso died in 1973, lived for 92 years and created more than 80 thousand works.

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