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Samovar Museum, Tula, Russia

Samovar Museum, Tula, Russia

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In 1990, the city of Tula was opened Samovar Museum. By visiting this museum you will learn about the history of the samovar, as well as how to make and drink tea using samovars.

In the first hall You can learn about the samovar production of the city of Tula in the 18-19 centuries. You can also find wanderer, a vessel that was used before the samovar for brewing herbs and medicinal plants. Also in this room you can find a huge number of different samovars of various factories. At that time, various samovars were produced: traveling, samovars, coffee pots and others.

Starting from the second half of the 19th century, Tula became the largest seller of samovars. The samovar was not only in every Russian home, but also outside the country, samovars also bought it. At all exhibitions, a special role was played by samovars. The museum of samovars presents a huge number of medals and diplomas that samovars won at exhibitions in Paris, London, Chicago and other major cities.

The second hall of the museum of samovars represented by the Partnership of the steam samovar factory of the heirs of V. S. Batashev in Tula. This is the largest and most famous factory in the city. Also in this room are photographs of the Batashev family and himself. The most famous samovars in the museum are five samovars that the Batashev family gave to the children of Nicholas II in 1909.

Well, in the third hall is located the products of the famous engineering plant Stamp, the only factory that produced samovars. Here you can find samovars of different categories: heat samovars with murals and even electric ones. By visiting Samovar Museum in Tula you will be satisfied.

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