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Museum of Letters, Chekhov, Russia

Museum of Letters, Chekhov, Russia

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Museum of letters A.P. Chekhov located in the building in which the post office was opened at the initiative of the writer. It was in 1896 in the village of Lopasnenskoye.

At the entrance to the museum in the courtyard you can see the monument to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, which is made of bronze and about three meters high.

The Museum of Letters was opened in 1941. Until today, the museum has for sure preserved the atmosphere that was in the building when Chekhov worked there. Through this post office, he sent over 400 letters to his correspondents. With the help of certain documents and people who remember this post office, the museum tried to restore an authentic atmosphere, and I must say, it worked out well.

A small part of the 2000 letters that the post sent can be seen in the museum. In addition to letters, the exhibition presents postal supplies, various stamps and much more. The museum of letters often hosts various lectures, creative evenings and various conferences.

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