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Anthony van Dyck, biography and paintings

Anthony van Dyck, biography and paintings

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The city of Antwerp is famous for its natives, which is also Anthony van Dyck. Anthony was the 7th child in the family, though his brothers and sisters were stepbrothers to him.

After the death of his mother in 1607, Antonis was apprenticed to Henrik van Balen. Here he spent the whole 4 years. And since 1614, Anthony van Dyck began to work independently.

The young artist wrote his first works when he studied at the guild of painters to them. St. Luke. At this time, Van Dyck became close to Rubens and began to work in his workshop, helping to finish, and sometimes draw, individual orders. It was at his suggestion that Van Dyck took part in the painting of the Jesuit church. Working together with Rubens, Antonis mastered the art of drawing very quickly, and tried to make his teacher look like he was, but soon began to paint pictures of his own style.

Van Dyck showed himself very vividly in portraiture and quickly gained fame. His most famous portraits are "Portrait of James Stuart», «Portrait of Louis XIV», «Self Portrait with Sir Endymion Porter" other.

Although van dyck was Flemish and was attached to Rubens, he still in 1621 he moved to Italy. Here he lived for about 6 years. Having traveled many Italian cities and getting acquainted with the art of Italian artists. He was particularly attracted to the paintings of Titian. It is in Italy that he creates many of his famous portraits. Van Dyck worked mainly at this time in Genoa.

In 1627, having returned to his hometown, van Dyck became Isabella's court painter. Now his works began to include not only portraits of “ordinary” people, but also Flemish nobles.

In 1632, the artist moved to London. Here Van Dyck feels great. He received the noble title, as well as the golden chain of a knight. We can say that the artist’s dream came true, because his models are the personages of the London aristocracy.

In fact, little is known about the life of Anthony van Dyck. There were many rumors, for example, that he was engaged in alchemy, although there was no evidence. Van Dyck was short in stature, well-built, charming, always dressed “straight away”, was good-natured and hospitable.

Having married Mary Ratwain, the young maid of honor of the Queen, in 1639, the artist firmly entered the ranks of the English nobility.

By the end of his life, the artist had a lot of work. He even traveled to Paris to take part in the paintings of the galleries of the Louvre. He died on December 9, 1641.

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