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Museum of Russian Vodka, St. Petersburg, Russia

Museum of Russian Vodka, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Museums of Russia will be able to tell you a lot of history and culture. And if it’s also unusual museums and the real guardians of folk customs and habits, then they generally can’t count prices. One of such extraordinary representatives in the field of art is precisely Russian vodka museum, which tells us the whole story of this drink, long known in Russia.

Among the exhibits of such a remarkable place you can find not only rare stamps, but also a significant collection, collected from modern works of all the country's vodka factories. And this is Pshenichnaya, Stolichnaya, and Gzhelka, and, of course, the famous Pertsovka.

But not only drinks are famous for this place. In the spacious and bright halls of the museum, a whole exposition has been gathered, telling us in detail about all the facts and wisdom of creating this glorious drink. Most of it takes iconographic series, collected from ancient engravings and portraits of great rulers, and various historical figures, one way or another connected with Russian vodka. There are many items of ancient kitchen utensils (perhaps even the largest share of exhibits). And a very large part of the exposition is dedicated to the twentieth century, as well as to the period of the Great Patriotic War.

And finally, at the end of such an exciting walk, all lovers of time travel will be given the opportunity to personally appreciate the famous Russian drink. After visiting the exhibits, everyone is welcome in tasting room "Russian hut", where visitors will be offered a choice of several varieties of vodka with traditionally Russian snacks.

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