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Bavarian National Museum, Germany - photos and video

Bavarian National Museum, Germany - photos and video

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One of the most famous and interesting museums in Munich is Bavarian National Museum, the foundation of which was laid back in 1885 by the King of Germany Maximilian II.

Bavarian Museum tell its visitors a lot from the history of Germany. It presents various sculptures, as well as collections of folk art. Until his death, the king continued to replenish the museum’s collection, and several years after his death there were so many exhibits that they had to build a new building for the museum, the architect of which was Gabriel von Seidl. The construction of the new Bavarian museum was completed in 1889.

At the entrance to the museum there is a statue of Luitpold, who was a significant figure in the country, and actually controlled it. He was a brother to King Maximilian.

The sculptural collection of the Bavarian Museum very diverse and very impressive. Here you can find sculptures that date back to the beginning of the 15th century. One of the famous exhibits of this collection is the Seeon Madonna, made in 1430, and is the most famous sculpture in the world of Our Lady of the Middle Ages. Here there are works made in the style of Baroque, Gothic, Rococo.

Concerning arts and crafts collections, then it is in no way inferior to the above. Here, visitors to the Bavarian National Museum can find various items and crafts made of porcelain, gold, silver and even ivory. The Hall of Applied Arts houses the most significant collection of Christmas creches (another name for nativity scene). Visitors will get acquainted with the technique of their manufacture, which is very interesting.

Below you are offered an 11-minute video about the Bavarian Museum, which covers its main expositions. Video in German from the official website of the Bavarian Museum.

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