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Amsterdam City Museum - Stedelijk, Holland

Amsterdam City Museum - Stedelijk, Holland

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In the country of tulips is a real paradise for lovers of cultural holidays. Museums in Holland are famous for their shocking exhibitions and diverse directions. The capital of the Netherlands rightfully occupies a leading position in the number of museums.

Fans of painting will certainly be interested in the paintings of the great Dutch painters, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. For those who wish to see the masterpieces of contemporary art, Amsterdam opens the doors of the City Museum.

City Museum of Amsterdam (Stedelek Museum) is located in the city center next to the Van Gogh Museum. Initially, he played the role of a museum of the history of the city itself. For a long time, it exhibited furniture and interior of the old houses of Amsterdam. Only after more than 70 years after the opening of the City Museum acquired the full status of the first museum of modern art.

Within the walls of the City Museum you can get acquainted with all areas of contemporary art. Modernism, expressionism, pop art, neoplasticism - this is a short list of the trends presented in the museum. In addition, he is famous for his collection of works by Malevich. Also in the City Museum you can see the works of Picasso, Chagall, Monet and Renoir. The expansion of the museum is ongoing.

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