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Colosseum in Rome - Italy. Colosseum address and video

Colosseum in Rome - Italy. Colosseum address and video

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“The heart of Rome is not Senate marble,
this is the sand of the Colosseum "

Coliseum one of the most extraordinary places in the world. It arose either due to the enormous size of the Colosseum (colosseus - huge), or due to the fact that King Nero erected a colossal statue in honor of himself near the building.

The Coliseum hosted various spectacular performances, the most popular of which Gladiator fights. In antiquity, people wanted only one “bread and circuses”, and they got it in the arena of the Coliseum. She is truly huge. Its length is 80 m. The Coliseum could accommodate more than 80 thousand spectators. Since there was 3 tiers, then the architect of the Coliseum (whose name, unfortunately is unknown) designed 36 elevatorsthat were ruled by slaves. At the entrance, they sold tickets to the first tier, where all the seats were numbered.

100 days the Romans celebrated the opening of the Colosseum. During this time, fights, various performances, animal persecution and more took place in the arena. There were also sea battles, and then the arena was completely flooded with water. Many people were in the Coliseum for several days, so they had to take food with them.

In 405, gladiatorial fights in the arena of the Coliseum were banned, as this was contrary to the spirit of Christianity. Over time, the Colosseum was used as a building material for other buildings, but still most of it survived. Benedict XIV ordered a huge cross in the center of the arena to commemorate dead souls. The cross was subsequently removed, but the Colosseum was still guarded.

Now the Colosseum is the property of Italy. Sometimes, on schematic maps of the world, Italy is depicted as a small icon of the Colosseum.

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