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In one of the most beautiful cities in Italy is located Bargello Palace, where for more than 150 years is the national museum. Now, the greatest works of art are exhibited in this building.

The name Bargello building received for a reason. Translated from Latin, “bargillus” is “fortress”. But this name was not only a building, but also the so-called “Captain of Justice” (something like a city officer or a police chief in a city). Bargello's palace was the residence of the "captain of justice."

Since 1574, the palace belonged to the city police. It was at this time that there was that terrible prison, which we already mentioned above. Since 1786, executions in Italy were abolished, but the palace still remained a prison until 1859.

On the tower of the palace is a huge bellwhich sounds very rare. He could be heard in 1966, when there was a flood in Florence, as well as the ringing of a bell announcing the end of World War II.

Directly National Bargello Museum exists since 1859, which houses the largest collection of Renaissance sculptures in the world by Italian masters. This is the work of Michelangelo, Tino da Camaino and others.

The building has three floors, inspection of the museum exposition begins from the first, or rather from the courtyard of the building. First, visitors see sculptures of the 14-16th centuries. Then they pass to the Loggia, where the works of masters of the 16th century are presented. Further to the hall of the Great Council, where for the most part you can see the work of Donatello.

In addition to sculptures, guests Bargello Museum they will be able to look at other outlandish things, such as ivory products, various decorative art objects, porcelain, fine gold products from German craftsmen, bronze objects, as well as Venetian glass products.

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