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Decade Gallery, Rome, location on the map, description

Decade Gallery, Rome, location on the map, description

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Museums in Italy often present personal collections of art. Recession Gallery offers the public a collection personally collected by the cardinal and his great-grandson. Work resumed only in the 51st year. During the Second World War, many paintings were lost. The remaining works today occupy the exhibition halls.

Recession Gallery Today it is quite famous in the world, popular and loved by the Romans. The museum is large in size so much that tourists do not have time to get tired of visiting. And also the entrance is available to everyone in price. The building housed 4 exposition halls, in which paintings and sculptures of great masters are exhibited.

But the tour starts with an external inspection of the building. The delightful palace was built in the mid-16th century by the famous architect Bartolomeo Baronio. The facade and loggias are decorated with plaster sculptures by Giulio Mazzoni. The architecture fascinates and prepares the viewer for a further perception of beauty.

Gallery and paintings seem to live one life. The works on the walls are in perfect harmony with the rich decoration of the halls, furniture and sculptures. Most of the exhibits, but not all, belong to the collection of the Recession (1594 - 1661). Over time, it increased by the grandson of Fabrizio Recession (1643 - 1717).

Passing into the courtyard of the building through the main entrance, you can approach the famous promising gallery, which passes through a small garden of oranges. This place was completely restored at the time and returned to its original appearance. The depth of the gallery is about 9 meters, but visually we can assume much more. This fact causes confused feelings: amazement, fear and admiration. The deceptive effect is due to the coincidence of the plans of the colonnade. Instead of passing in parallel - it all comes down to one point. Of course, this is an optical illusion, but so amazing that children who come to the museum with their parents liven up and become interested in art.

Be sure to visit Decade Museum in Romeif you have the opportunity. It will be not only cultural enrichment, but also an emotional holiday.

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