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Mozart House Museum - Bertramka, Prague, Czech Republic

Mozart House Museum - Bertramka, Prague, Czech Republic

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So-called Bertramka Museum or Mozart House Museum in Prague opened in 1956. Here Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived during his stay in Prague, finished his opera Don Giovanni. This house belonged to the Dushkov spouses, who bought it back in the 18th century. Frantisek Xaver Duszek was a good and well-known composer in the Czech Republic, and his wife was a singer. Therefore, the museum is dedicated not only to Mozart, but also to the spouses who dedicated their lives to music.

Mozart came to their house in 1787. In addition to the opera Don Giovanni, which was held in Prague, Mozart also wrote Bella Miami Fiamma, an addio, dedicating this concert stage to Josefina Dushkova. But this was not Mozart's only visit to the current Bertramcku Museum. He came here also in 1789 and 1791, in order to prepare and trace the staging of his operas.

The museum has 7 exhibition halls that will fully tell visitors about the history of the museum. In one of the halls you can see the atmosphere of the 18th century, when Mozart lived in this house. All items and furniture in this room are saturated with music.

In the house-museum of Mozart there are a huge number of things that belonged to the composer. These are various letters, documents, prints and even musical instruments. But the most important exhibit of the museum is 13 hair owned by the great Wolfgang Amadeus.

Recently Mozart House Museum in Prague It was restored and acquired a completely different look. Those who were engaged in restoration faced various problems, one of which was too many exhibits. There is too little space in the museum to exhibit anything related to Mozart and Czech music. After all, let's not forget that the museum tells us not only about the Austrian composer, but also about the Dushkovs, and about the development of Czech music in general.

Over the past few years, various concerts and performances have been held at Bertramke. To get to these events is very difficult. Music lovers gather here, conduct conversations on the topic of art, worship Mozart and his talent.

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