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Museum of steam locomotives in Pereslavl, Russia

Museum of steam locomotives in Pereslavl, Russia

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Not far from Pereslavl, in the city of Talitsa in 1990 opened steam locomotive museum. The museum features many old train trains, some of which are still underway. In addition to various diesel locomotives and steam locomotives, the museum features the so-called narrow gauge railway, which were used in Russia until the 20th century.

What is a narrow gauge railway? narrow gauge - this is such a railway, the distance between the rails of which is much less than standard rails. Such railway appeared in Altai in the 18th century. It is much easier and cheaper to build a narrow gauge railway than a modern railway, but such roads are already in the past, with the exception of one presented in Museum of steam locomotives in Pereslavl.

As early as the 30s, a narrow-gauge railway was built, which was designed to transport peat. It goes from Lake Bludov to Talitsa. This is the only such road in all of Russia, along which at one time huge trains stretched. The narrow whistle whistle is peculiar, and differs markedly from the whistle of other locomotives. If an ordinary engine makes a sound similar to Tu-tu, then the whistle of a narrow-gauge train resembles a cuckoo's cry - Ku-ku. Hence the name Cuckoo.

Museum of steam locomotives or cuckoo museum, as the inhabitants of Pereslavl call them loving, he presents in his exposition more than 10 narrow-gauge trains. Through the efforts of museum workers, many trains were restored, but some were not returned to working condition. Many remained just rusty details, which, of course, is not surprising, because many exhibits of the museum are more than 100 years old!

In addition to the cuckoos, in the museum of steam locomotives you can see an old trolley that looks like a modern motorcycle, as well as a ZIM car and a lot of interesting things. The museum provides an opportunity to ride on a trolley, and even on one of the locomotives, which will give anyone an excellent experience. On the territory of the museum there is an excellent cafe, which serves delicious homemade pies.

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