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National Museum of the Czech Republic, Prague

National Museum of the Czech Republic, Prague

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National Museum of the Czech Republic the oldest and largest museum in Prague. The museum is located right in the center of the city on Wenceslas Square, where tourists can easily get to.

We can say that czech national museum consists of a number of museum institutions, such as libraries, castles, various exhibitions. Some are even located outside of Prague or in other cities.

The main museum building is not very large (70 meters high and 100 meters in length), but very beautiful. The architect is Joseph Schulz. At the top of the building is a huge dome, under which the greatest exhibit of the culture of the Czech people is collected. The Czechs cherish this building and are very appreciated.

The Prague Museum was built in 1818. The most important department of the museum - historical, at that time was headed by Frantisek Palacki. It was he who contributed to the fact that the museum began to issue various scientific publications in Czech. The first such publication was released in 1827.

Closer in the 19th century, the museum began to expand, and by the 20th, it was already divided into two huge collections. So there was a museum of Czech music and a museum of American, Asian and African cultures.

In 1968, during the war, the building of the national museum was very damaged. Traces of bullets can still be observed.

The museum will tell its visitors about the history of the creation of the Czech state. Museum visitors will be able to see the library, which stores more than 8,000 manuscripts. On the second floor of the main building there are coins, medals and other exhibits that were mined as a result of archaeological expeditions.

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