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Museum of espionage in Finland, Tampere

Museum of espionage in Finland, Tampere

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Original espionage museum located in Finland in the city of Tampere. It's funny that the bus number 7, which goes to the museum, was renamed 007 on the opening day, as the owner of the espionage museum, Teppo Turya, wanted to do. It should be noted that it turned out fun and interesting.

Now let's find out what is inside the museum. I must say that inside it will be interesting for both small and adult, both men and women. Of course, the espionage museum presents various photos of all the famous spies, such as Richard Sorge, Mata Hari and others. Here, all exhibits can be touched, used and experimented on yourself. Here you will find a lie detector, and various devices for changing your voice and a lot of interesting things. But that is not all. Everyone who likes this unusual activity - espionage, will be offered to pass a test for suitability for the profession of a spy. After that, everyone receives a letter of recommendation.

After entering the museum, along with a ticket, guests are issued a card with tasks. Everyone is happy to complete these tasks. Someone is looking for a secret door, and someone is breaking into a safe.

There are departments in the museum. They were created so that everyone chooses what he likes. So in the museum the department “Undercover Agents», «Female spies», «Ninja», «Spy Weapons". The museum also has a special department dedicated exclusively to Russian spies, and their biography can be read in Russian. The espionage museum often hosts various thematic exhibitions. At the exit from the museum, everyone will be able to visit a spy shop and buy some interesting little thing from memory: a pen with invisible ink or a compass, and much more.

Finding a museum is easy - it is located in the very center of the city.

Ticket price relatively inexpensive: 8 euros - for adults and students, children under 6 years old admission is free. The cost of the spy test is 5 euros.

Museum works everyday. Almost always, it opens at 11 00 (there are exceptions), and closes at 17 00.

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