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The Assumption, Theophanes the Greek, 1392

The Assumption, Theophanes the Greek, 1392

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The Assumption - Theophanes the Greek. 86x68

The outstanding painter of the XIV century Theophanes the Greek was a deep psychologist, a “philosopher”, as his contemporaries called him, an artist of uncontrollable temperament. His works amaze with the power of feelings, passionate excitement of images. Theophanes the Greek - a native of Byzantium. Being a mature, established artist, he had a huge impact on the development of Russian art.

The beginning of his activity in Russia is connected with Novgorod. Here Theophanes the Greek, one of the greatest masters of monumental painting, performed magnificent frescoes, for example, in the Transfiguration Cathedral on Ilyinskaya Street.

Feofan Grek moved to Moscow at the end of the XIV century - during the formation of the city as an all-Russian center. Here he worked on murals of Kremlin churches, painted icons.

Feofan's brushes belong to a wonderful two-sided icon. On one side of it is the "Don Mother of God", on the other - "Assumption".

The Assumption captures the death of Mary. In the performance of Theophanes the Greek, the scene from the legend acquires extraordinary significance and versatility. With the artist's inherent ability to philosophically comprehend the meaning of what is happening, he builds this traditional composition.

Lying on a light bed, the Mother of God in dark cherry clothes personifies the grandeur and severity of death, her eternal rest. A clear, continuous line outlines the artist's figure of the deceased. In an energetic movement, as if looking upward, a huge Christ appears over Mary, a deity who has accepted her soul and takes her to heaven. It is depicted against a dark blue halo - a celestial sphere crowned by a bright red seraph with outstretched wings. In contrast to the mighty, internal figure of Christ, the apostles at the bed of Mary seem small and weak. Their faces and gestures express confusion, fear, pity, a feeling of powerlessness of a person in the face of death and even a lack of understanding of it. The group of apostles amazes with the vitality of types. The flare and vibrancy of the image is given by light glare, applied by the artist with quick movements to the faces and fabrics of clothes.

The Assumption of Theophanes the Greek - a product of high drama, depth of thought and genuine humanity.

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