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Berlin Picture Gallery, Germany

Berlin Picture Gallery, Germany

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Art is a window to immortality, only very sensitive, subtle souls are able to hear the knock of a muse through this window. Hear - open, you will discover an unprecedented magical world of art! But this world is revealed only to the elect, to us, mere mortals, given only a chance to see the wonderful world through the ingenious creations of the elect.

Berlin, the city in which the whole treasury of the art world is located - Berlin Picture Gallery, it can be safely called the pride of Europe. The gallery today has a rich collection of European paintings of the XIII-XVIII centuries. Back in 1815, the troops of Prussia, defeating the French at Waterloo, gave Prussia an occasion to declare their claims to leadership not only in the economic sphere, but also in the cultural sphere. Berlin, the former capital of Prussia, this is what became the main reason for the emergence of the museum.

The famous gallery is destined to survive several births. At first this happened in 1830, all the treasures from the art collections of the Great Elector and Frederick the Great became publicly available for the first time. At that time it was a scientifically organized art gallery, its systematic nature was unique, and became a model for museum work in Europe.

The Berlin gallery was rapidly expanding its collection, so the question of the need to move to a new building became. The new opening took place in 1904, the building began to bear the name of William Bode, he was the first director of the gallery (from 1890 to 1929). Wilhelm Bode actively developed the museum, contributed to new acquisitions of works of art. The Dresden Gallery has always competed with the Berlin. Unfortunately, after the bombing of Germany, many paintings were seriously damaged. After the division of the country, there was a division of the gallery. One part was in Dahlem (there were more valuable exhibits), the other part - in the Mitte area. Association of collections occurred only after 50 years.

Today in the Berlin Picture Gallery you can see the world's best collection of paintings by old masters. The famous creative heritage of the Dutch is presented: paintings by Rembrandt, Hals. As well as works by German artists, among them canvases by Dürer, Holbein and Cranach, the era of the Northern Renaissance. As well as chic paintings by Italian masters who lived and worked until the 18th century. In the museum you can see paintings by French painters Poussin and Claude Lorren and many other masterpieces.

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