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The Coronation of Mary, Fra Filippo Lippi

The Coronation of Mary, Fra Filippo Lippi

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Coronation of Mary - Fra Filippo Lippi. 172x251

The extraordinarily inspired art of Beato Angelico had an impact on his student Filippo Lippi. But unlike the teacher, with his soul directed toward heaven, he saw on earth a reflection of heavenly paradise, which made him a cheerful person. This is also evident in the altar image, written for the Renaissance humanist and chancellor of the Florentine Republic, Carlo Marsuppini, intended for the chapel of San Bernardo church of the Olivetan monastery in Arezzo. hometown of the customer.

Lippi's work on the theme and compositional solution is a single whole, and the master made it a three-part masterpiece most likely for the sake of even greater emphasis the central scene - the coronation of Our Lady. The Queen of Heaven, ascended to heaven, kneels before Christ, hands clasped in prayer, and the Son crowns Her head with a crown. The action of Filippo Lippi takes place on a high marble platform, to which steps lead. The Savior sits on a bench, behind which a niche made in the wall is visible, ending with a conch in the form of a shell - a symbol of the Virgin Mary and the Resurrection. In the lateral parts of the triptych, the platform also continues, here on the left and right are the angels playing music. Below are the saints and knees before Christ and the Mother of God, the customer of the altar image and his father Gregorio.

The stage participants are awestruck, even the angels are especially serious. It seems that Filippo Lippi emphasized this condition in order to adjust the worshipers to an elevated mood but shining, dense halo over their heads, bright colors of clothes, tangibly written figures give a simple human joy in the viewer.

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